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Job openings

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Market leadership

We serve more than 700 customers all over Europe: big industrial and distributive multinational companies and SMEs


Vertical integration

With great passion, sacrifice and investments, we built a format, unique in Europe, so as to guarantee efficiency, competitiveness and customer-tailored green solutions.


Strong and efficient logistic network

Daily connections from and to all Europe without loads shifting and with a vast range of services: Door to Door, Terminal to Terminal, Door to Terminal, Terminal to Door. All of them with only one reference person.

Passion, motivation, expertise

Motivated, problem-solving oriented, young but expert human resources. Our real capital is represented by our 130 employees.


GTS RAIL is the railway company headed to the group GTS S.p.A. € 16mln investment for 5 new generation electric locomotives


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  • 9+ efficiency
  • 8+ testimonials
  • 7+ affordable
  • 9+ flexible
  • 7+ reliable
  • 8+ pricing

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  • 839672.235 CO2 emission saved in tons from 1977 to 2015
  • 95000 annual UTI planned for Europe
  • 1600 thousand tonnes of transported goods
  • 3900 complete trains